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Change Door Locks – Great Service

Door Lock Boston is the only locksmith company in Boston, MA that you should call when you need to change door locks. They not only have licensed technicians to carry out the job successfully, but their customer service and their prices are also unmatched by any other company in this area. Other companies charge between $35 and $300 to change door lock and security while we tailor our prices to fit the budget of our clients. There are several factors to take into consideration when determining the price to change door locks and these include:

– The type of lock being changed

– The number of locks to be changed

– Whether the locks are internal or external locks

– If the locks will be upgraded

We keep all these in mind when providing our customers with a quote for each job. We give them the best price that cannot be beaten by any other locksmith in town. So, whether you are changing deadbolts, smart door locks, electronic locks or sliding door locks; you know you will get the very best price! Call today, you will be happy you did!

Change Door Locks r - Door Lock Boston

We Know How To Do It Right!

So, you finally got rid of those delinquent tenants and need to change door locks? Door Lock Boston will have your apartment complex or commercial space safe and back under your control without any hassle. Boston, MA has many commercial real estate properties as well as luxurious apartment buildings but when a business partnership or tenancy goes bad and the building becomes vacant, it is of utmost importance that you change door locks for these buildings. Not only is it worthwhile to have the locks changed but upgrading the lock is also best practice. With so much at stake when operating a business, the last thing you want is a property that is not secure. We put all your worries to rest because we are the best!

We Change Door Locks Like A Pro!

Do not ever make the mistake and change your locks on your own; no matter how handy you are with power tools. The first reason for having professionals like those at Door Lock Boston change commercial deadbolt lock is the matter of the right tools. Even if you have one of the most skillful pair of hands; without the proper tools the project will be doomed from the start. Our locksmiths are fully equipped with tools such as

– Cordless drills with the relevant fittings

– Circular saws

– Electric hand sanders

– Rotary tools

These not only make the job easier and finishes more quickly, but it also reduces the possibility of errors during the installation process. Another reason is that it takes time to research and choose the right locks for the particular lock change. If you are not knowledgeable about the different type of locks and their intended use, the time taken just to select the correct lock may be a rather lengthy one.

The final reason for having our experts do the job is the actual time it will take you to complete the installation. Do-it-yourself projects like these are usually filled with trial and error, with more of the latter than the former. On average it will take our locksmiths between 5 and 10 minutes to do this installation however it will take you approximately 30 minutes or more if you factor in all the adjustments that need to be made. Furthermore, what you saved by doing it on your own you may have to use to correct the errors made along the way. So don’t waste all that time and energy, let the experts have a go at it!

We Make It Look So Easy!

There are certain tasks which are best left to the experts, one of them is to change door locks. It may seem simple enough, just remove some screws, take out the damaged lock and replace it with a new lock. However, some things are never as easy as it seems. There are several things that need to be done to change door locks successfully, they are as follows:

– Ensure that you utilize one of our certified locksmiths

– Provide the correct lock for the job or have our locksmith supply the right lock for the job

– Decide whether you want to upgrade your current locks by adding another lock to improve your security

We are very accessible to the citizens of Boston, MA as we are located at a central location. Contact us, we’ll be there in minutes!

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