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Commercial Deadbolt Lock What It Is?

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Break-ins happen quite often, and that is the reason why you need to take your family’s security into consideration. Whether you are in the office or not, criminals will try to gain entry to your business and steal what they can.

Some criminals don’t just stop with taking things; they can even harm members of your family or staff who are still on the premises.

Did you know a commercial deadbolt lock is a good way to improve your safety? A commercial deadbolt lock can deter criminals from trying to enter as your locks are stronger.

If your security looks tough, then most criminals won’t try to get inside. Luckily, if they do try with a commercial deadbolt lock installed, they won’t succeed.

Is It Hard To Crack Into A Commercial Deadbolt Lock?

There are several ways that criminals break into homes, such as picking a lock, kicking the door down, and using weapons such as a crowbar to pry it open. Having a commercial deadbolt lock installed will stop these scenarios from happening. The team from Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA prefers people to install a commercial deadbolt lock as they are pick resistant.
Now when considering a commercial deadbolt lock, it is important to choose one that is bump proof. This means they are keyless entry so they cannot be picked. The cheaper versions are best to steer away from and go for something more complicated for the added protection.

What Are The Parts Of This Type Of Lock?

A Commercial Deadbolt Lock Has Many Parts, Such As


This is the body part of the lock, where you introduce the key. The cylinder conceals the pins that are used to secure the door. When the pins are in a certain position, the door will completely lock. When you drive the key into the tank, the pins inside will move to the right spot that will allow the lock to be unlocked.

The Bolt

The bolt is inside the door; which is what pushes in and out from the frame of the door to help close the door. A commercial door locks will have a guard bolt or plunger that stops anyone from using a jimmy bar to get it open.

A Deadbolt Plunger

You may have seen one of the spring or latch styles that can be opened with a bank card. That cannot happen when using a commercial deadbolt lock due to the plunger.

Strike Plate And Box

The rod front that is situated inside the lock will expand into the box. The hole for this is found in the door frame. In the door frame around the hole, you will find the strike plate; which is added for more reinforcement on the door frame.

The Best Commercial Deadlock Lock

The best deadbolt is one that makes you feel secure and also feels strong within itself. You need to check the ratings and whether you want ones that don’t allow bump keys. You want to be buying a brand that is well known and trusted and the locksmith is the best place to get one.

Is There A Way To Make A Commercial  Deadbolt Lock More Secure?

While the type of deadbolt lock you buy is important, you also need to worry about the hardware that is around it to. If you have a decent strong deadbolt, then you are going to need a strong frame and door to. There is no point fitting a strong lock to a thin and flimsy door and frame.
A good option recommend by Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA is a solid core door. Thieves cannot kick these open. The bolt needs to be secured into place correctly, so it sits where it needs to when the door is locked.

How Else Can I Protect My Property?

Apart from installing a deadbolt lock, you should also think about getting motion lights installed, which will help to illuminate the exterior area. If you have high bushes or weeds near the doors and windows, cut these back as they are a suitable place for thieves to hide and conceal themselves.

It is also vital that once you have installed a commercial deadbolt lock that you also consider window locks and back doors to. No point securing the front and allowing thieves to enter at the back.

Contact us for the friendly lock and smith team at Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA if you think your business could benefit from some new locks. If you would like, the team can also look at the overall building and see what other security is vital to have for your type of business and building.

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