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Commercial Locks – Boston, MA – Door Lock Boston

With over a decade in business under our belt, you’ll find that there’s no better commercial locks provider in Boston to take care of your business needs. Did you know that we’re known for being reliable and dependable? We work with dozens of businesses throughout the region to assist with commercial lock and key needs. We boast a 20 minute response time. Each locksmith that works with us has access to a fully loaded van; so that they can have the proper tools for whatever lock and key needs your business may have. So, call, and we’ll send one of our honest locksmiths to come and give you a hand!

Why Do Local Businesses In Boston Use Our Commercial Locksmith Help?

We’re business owners helping business owners in Boston MA – and we do more than just deal with commercial lockouts. Door Lock Boston commercial locksmith services span many different services; from repairing commercial locks to helping you to find the best security lock system for your business. Furthermore, we know that safety and security are priorities for the investments that you’ve made into your business; we’ll work with you to make sure that they are protected. We can come in, do inspections; and give you recommendations based on what your needs are. Moreover, they give you ideas as to what you can do in the future.

Work With Door Lock Boston to Take Care of Commercial Lockouts

A building lockout can really slow your day down, so connecting with your Boston commercial locks provider to put together a plan for commercial lockouts is essential. We can help you to look at your current setup, answer questions about what is essential for your plan; and make keys for managers and other employees that may need them. You can chat with your locksmith Boston to learn about the options you have and work out details; so that your employees and your business stays as safe as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hence, you can contact us directly to learn more about your options.

Updating Your Commercial Locks

Security needs are always changing, and it can be hard to sort out just what you need to do; in order to achieve your goals without the help of a locksmith. So, call in a commercial locksmith near me Boston from our company; we can come and take a look at your commercial locks or residential locks. So that we can get an idea of what we can do to make your security even better. We can also copy building keys so that you can get all of your managers set up and ready to go with the keys; that they may need to do their jobs the right way.

Secure Security Lock Updates

When you talk to our locksmith commercial about the things that you want to update; you’ll learn a lot about the new security lock systems that can help to tighten up security in every area of your business. From managers’ offices to inventory spaces, we can help you to update your security lock system to meet your needs.

Commercials Locks From The Friendly Team

Those who own a business feel they never have enough security as they are always targeted by thieves. The commercial locks team at Door Lock Boston, Boston MA, will look over your property; and see what other security you could benefit from.

Commercial Locks Are Used Daily

In terms of their use, commercial locks are used daily too many times that people lose count. Businesses are busy places, and you have staff coming in and out all day. The locks are used when people come into work, go home, and even when they are taking a break or need to go outside for a smoke.  With the usage that commercial locks get, it is no wonder they need maintaining, repairing, and replacing.

Imagine if you are running a motel or apartment building. If you have a three-story motel, you have all those doors with locks, locks on the entries and exits, back doors, laundry, kitchen, dining, bar room, etc.  Think how many rooms have locks in a motel or apartment building and the number of people coming and going; you can understand why Door Lock Boston, Boston MA wants you to have someone on hand all the time.

You can’t have security vulnerabilities when you have customers staying or living in your buildings. Moreover, you need high-quality components, and the locks need servicing often to ensure the building remains safe.

Locks And Handles Need To Be Fire-Rated

In business, the commercial locks and handles will need to have a fire rating. The locks and handles will need to have passed the test and come with papers to prove that before they can be installed in a business. The locks need to function the right way, and they are all tested inside a burning building to ensure they work as they should within a period of time. There needs to be latches that won’t melt before you can get out and to ensure that the handles are not burning hot to touch when you need to open them to evacuate. In a business, there are fire exits, which are doors that need to have the right fire safety rated commercial locks and handles and need to have a green exit sign above the door.

Regulations Of Commercial Locks

Using the correct commercial locks on your business is important with today’s regulatory terms. There are different building codes for each commercial building that will specify what commercial locks you need to use and what other hardware needs to be used on security doors.

To the height of the handle, the speed of the door closer, and the materials they are made with must all comply with certain regulations. If you suffer a fire and don’t have the right equipment and someone cannot escape, you are liable for that, along with the fact damages won’t be covered by insurance.
Furthermore, the Door Lock Boston, Boston MA team, understand the different regulations and are happy to give you the right advice on the types of commercial locks and handles that are compliant with your building and business.

Commercial Door Closers

Door closers are often overlooked but fall into the essential commercial locks list. In a busy business, people cannot be completely relied upon to close the door behind them, let alone lock it. If you are installing a door closer, it needs to be strong enough to not only close the door but to support it also.
The door closer needs to be fast enough to prevent tailgaters but still slow enough that it doesn’t injury people.

Door closers are quite often installed on the top of your door and need to be secured to the door frame. Door closers are regulated by oil pressure, so they don’t slam shut behind you. Please don’t bother with cheap door closers as they are not worth your bother. Cheap commercial locks door closers have been known to drip oil, causing a high risk to the people walking in and out, the door doesn’t always click in properly, and the door can malfunction and slam.

Securing Your Business

One step we can happily take care of for you during a break-in is to offer temporary repairs to make your home secure until you have spoken to the insurance company.

What Types Of Repairs Can Be Done?

  • Repair of door
  • Fitting of metal door wraps
  • Frame patch up
  • Changing of keys
  • New lock installation

The commercial locks team can carry out break-in repairs fast and without any stress to you. If you are unsure what to do when you arrive home to see you have been broken into, call the police first, then call the locksmith team, who can advise you further on what to do next. It is important that your locksmith is careful with the application and the installation of your security measures, so the risk of burglary is greatly reduced.

Call the team now to see what they can do for you.


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