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Commercial Security Lock Are They Important?

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The more commercial security lock types you have on your business, the better. This is especially true if you are running your business from home. In this case, if your business is not secure, then your home certainly isn’t either.

The security and safety of your assets and employees are important for any business. There are different software and cameras that businesses use to ensure the safety of everyone and the business building, as this is more important than ever. There are so many choices that Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA can offer your when it comes to commercial security lock and smith features and installations.

Lock Types Suitable For Businesses And Their Components

Here Are The Basic Components Of A Commercial Security Lock


The bolt is a part of the lock that slides in and out from the lock when you want to lock or unlock the door.  There is a box that is carved out for where the bolt will sit in the door frame. There are many different types of bolts, including deadbolt locks and spring bolts. Sping bolts are where the spring releases when you close the door and ends up moving the bolt into the box, which works to keep the door shut. There is a small clip located inside the lock that will compress when the key is inserted to unlock the door, which allows the bolt to move inside again.


The cylinder is the lock part that takes the key in. If you have a problem with the cylinder, it will stop the lock from opening or locking. The cylinder is made of spring-loaded pins. You have either the single or double cylinder. The double one takes a key on each side. If you are having problems with the cylinder, it so often cheaper to replace it than bother getting it repaired.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is where the lock goes and is found in the door frame. The strike plate is not part of the lock, so the replacement of this part is simple.

What Locks Are Best For My Business?

Which type of commercial security lock is the best for you will be determined by your individual needs.

Here Are Some Common Options For Business Security

Mortise Locks

The mortise locks are popular due to their reliability and strength. These locks have been around for a long time and can handle frequent use, which is why they are a good option for businesses where there is plenty of people coming and going daily.  The mortise locks have many elements that work together like the strike plate, spindle, handle, and different add-ons like rose plates and day/night switches. These locks are quite secure as the deadbolt is found inside the lock body itself.

The Panic Bars

Also called crash bars, the panic bars are used by many commercial companies. The commercial security lock type, such as panic bars, works well in both normal and panic situations. These doors can be used when evacuations are needed. These locks are keyless and don’t require any type of cylinder. The lock is basically operated by the bar. When you press the bar, it will retract the door latch and open it up.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are often used on doors that don’t have door knobs or levers. This type of commercial security lock is installed on the door frame that has a handle. The lock has one magnet on the door frame and one on the door. The door will stay shut when the magnets touch, so there needs to be a type of release system that will dispel the magnetic charge. There is a sensor that will sense when you are close to the door, which can be opened for them. As a safety measure, you will need to have a release button to open the door manually if there happens to be a malfunction of the sensor system.

Wall Mounted Locks

Just as the name describes, the locks are put on the wall. In a business, these types of commercial locksmith are used as emergency accesses to the building keys. The locks are often installed during construction, but it is possible to install them afterward.

Door Closers

Quite often, workplaces are busy. We forget to shut doors or may not be able to if you have awkward things in your hands. A door closer will automatically shut the door behind you and latch itself.

There are many different types of locks that are around when you search for commercial security lock types. A few things will be determined when it comes to what type of commercial security lock is best suited for you. Before choosing a lock, consult with Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA who will work out a good deal based on your needs and your budget.

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