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Front Door Locks: You Will Know The Difference!

Changing your front door locks is always the best option when you’ve had an attempted break-in. Door Lock Boston supplies and installs the most secure front door lock rekeying to prevent any future attempts. They have in stock the best brands to choose from and these include: 

 – Kwikset 980 single cylinder deadbolt

– Schlage L9040 Mortise lock

– Schlage Touch Camelot deadbolt

– Yale Premier single cylinder deadbolt

– Medeco Maxum 11*603 deadbolt

– August Assure smart lock

They offer these locks at a reduced price simply because you’re a valued customer. The locks are drill resistant, kick resistant and pick resistant. So don’t run the risk and use inferior locks for your front door locks , you’ll be more than happy you got the good stuff! Contact us, we are just a phone call away!

Rekeying Done For Less – Front Door Locks

When you need to rekey your front door locks, Door Lock Boston is the locksmith company to contact. With their expertly trained locksmiths and affordable prices, which other company in Boston, MA can compare? Locksmith companies in and around town charge between $40 and $170 for rekeying services for front door locks. Rekeying prices are dependent on a number factors, these include:

– The type of lock

– Whether it will be a call out service

– If there are no keys available

– The number of locks to be key replacement

– How complex each lock is

– Different type of lock variation

– If you are rekeying different locks for different keys

– Your location

– The time of day and season

– Brand of lock being rekeyed

– If additional work is required

Our prices are nowhere as exorbitant as our competitors’. Our rekeying services are reasonably priced and each of our customers gets value for every dollar that is spent. We live in harsh economic times and everyone is trying to save money whenever and however they can, we take all this into consideration when we supply our customers with a quote and ensure that they get the best price to suit their budget. There shouldn’t be a price on your safety but at the same time no one wants to be charged the price of a refrigerator just to rekey some locks. If you are looking for a cost-effective locksmith to rekey locks, call us we are here to serve you!

Key Duplication At It’s Best!

Door Lock Boston will duplicate the key for your front door locks for less than the price of your morning coffee. The cost of the service does not equal poor quality but instead it’s an indication of the skill and speed of our licensed locksmiths. They will have the keys for your front door locks duplicated easily and very quickly. We are located In Boston, MA and our friendly customer service representatives will make you feel comfortable while you wait to have your key duplicated. Our locksmiths are trustworthy and have built a good reputation over the years so you can rest assured that your keys will be duplicated only as requested with no other unauthorized copies made.

Furthermore, there is no brand of locks that our certified locksmiths aren’t able to duplicate keys for. Their years of experience have made them very competent in duplicating every type of key. Additionally, they have the correct equipment and the right type of blanks for the duplication process. So when you need your keys duplicated don’t stop by the local hardware store, it may cost you more than you paid for the actual job. Call in the experts if you want the best service!

Key Cutting: The Fastest Service Around!

Key cutting is an art in and of itself. Many locksmiths claim to be able to cut keys for front door locks, but they are unable to do it to the level of accuracy that we are able to deliver. Our locksmiths can cut keys for all types of front door locks faster than every locksmith in town. They are able to cut keys for:

– Single cylinder deadbolt locks

– Mortise locks

– Double cylinder deadbolt locks

These keys will take just under 5 minutes to cut as our locksmiths are very efficient at what they do. It is not surprising that everyone in the Boston, MA area come to us to have their keys cut. Come in and let us show you why our customers only trust us with the key to their homes!

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