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Home Security Locks To Secure Your Home

Do you own a home? If you do, then you need to consider getting home security locks installed from Door Lock Boston, Boston MA, as they specialize in home security locks that are built to last. Protecting what is most important to you is what you need to focus on. Research shows that the biggest known fear among communities is being broken into, damage being done, and possessions being taken.

As such, Door Lock Boston, Boston MA. Offer a no-obligation security audit on your family home. The home security locks team will make an assessment of your locking systems, door security, safes, visibility aspects, and even window locks. The service they supply is full of expertise as they know how important your security is.

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What Domestic Services Does The Home Security Locks Include?

  • Being locked out of your home
  • Locks replaced
  • Deadlocks fitted
  • Child locked inside the home
  • Locks changed
  • Window lost replaced or installed
  • Security door locks
  • Installing safes
  • Security door locks
  • Supplying security products
  • Digital locks
  • Open safes
  • Patio door locks

Latest Security Trends

What is the most popular security trends going on at the moment? Hardware finishes are most often silver.

The polished chrome finish is the most popular security furnishings. In the 80s, we saw more of the gold fittings. The gold hardware was once a normal standard and was used in most interior designs. While gold is not common, it is still available; but many people are trending for the matte black security hardware at the moment. Having hardware powder coated in a finish of matt black is what a lot of home security locks experts from Door Lock Boston, Boston MA get requests for.

Security Doors

Do you remember the doors with the chains? There is a chain that attaches to your door, so when you are in the home; you have more safety when you open the door to people. The requests for these are hardly ever now, due to the increase in demand for security doors. The home security locks allow you to have the inside door open to allow for airflow, but you have the security wire there to keep bugs and criminals out. There are quite a few cheaper security doors that have plain flywire on them, which can be cut or pulled away easily, giving criminals easy access. Instead, opt for a door from the home security locks experts as then you can be guaranteed to get a quality door that will do the job.

Smart Home Security

We all have updated our phones to smartphones, so it’s time to update our security to take advantage of smart security. These types of home security locks are easily installed without needing extra wiring throughout.  The locks are battery-powered, and you can usually get around two years of battery life before the batteries will need to be replaced. Smart security connects to your phone, which gives you the chance to control it via your phone. You will even receive notifications when the lock batteries are getting low.

Most of these home security locks will connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you can use your phone to unlock or lock your door. You should add one override key to the door just in case there is an emergency. If your phone battery dies, then you won’t be able to lock or unlock the door.

We Provide Top-notch Home Security Locks

There are wired security locks to that can also be added to your home internet connection. You can monitor your home security locks while you are running errands or spending time with family. You can gain access to your home security via an IP address where you can then manage it and check over your home to ensure everything is locked as you want.

If you happen to leave home and afraid you may have forgotten to lock the door, then just do it via your phone, simple and easy. The best thing is you don’t need to leave what you are doing and go all the way home. Smart locks are on the rise, and as the technology grows, they are worth keeping an eye on for something even better to be released.

Security locks can sound daunting and complex, but once you have a friendly #expert to explain the different types to you and help you to understand what each does and why certain ones are more suited to you, it won’t seem so complicated. Call now and see the easy ways to update your home security.

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