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Lock Change Is It Beneficial?

lock change - Door Lock Boston

It Is important what when you move into a new home that you get a lock change done from Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA. Anyone who has had access previously and didn’t return their key cannot gain entry to your home as you will be given a new key to use, and only that key will work.

If you had someone living with you and have moved out and either lost the key or failed to return it; get a lock change done to ensure that the key floating around doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Once a lock change has been carried out, access can no longer be granted with the previous keys. The good thing here is at the same time as the lock change from Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA, you are also upgrading the quality of your locks. Damaged and old locks will become a target for criminals. Installing a different lock on your home may make the process of breaking into your home more difficult.

Do The Locksmiths Offer Other Services?

If you are getting your locks replaced, the locksmith should also service. He will add lubricant to your locks, which will help to extend their life span. A good commercial security lock change locksmith will also check over the strike plate.  He will ensure that it is aligned as it should be. If the striker plate and lock are not appropriately aligned; the lock will not go in all the way and will become vulnerable. While you have the lock change team there; you might want to consider getting Door Lock Boston, Boston, MA to look around the rest of your home for weak spots and the areas where security needs to be improved. The locksmith can also offer tips and friendly advice about other security matters you might like to discuss.

Can’t I Just Get A Re-Keying Done?

If you have suffered losing keys, a common solution is to replace the lock with a new one. This is a common misconception to many people that getting the lock replaced is the only option. Re-keying is different, and in some circumstances, you can just re-key the lock.

If you are a little confused about the two and what difference they have, let’s explain:

Replacing A Lock And Re-Keying  – Lock Change 

Replacing a lock means that the commercial locks change locksmith will change your old lock over with a new one. Now, re-keying is different as the locksmith replaces the key you are currently using but keeps the same lock there. The lock is pulled apart, and some parts on the inside are replaced. Replacing the key pins is quite easy; the pins are rearranged or changed, so you will require a new key as the old one will no longer work.

Should I Re-Key?

To be able to re-key a lock without extra charges, the current key that matches must be there. If you happen to lose your keys and you become worried it might come into the wrong hands, recently moved, and not sure who else has a key, then getting a re-keying done is a great option.

When Do I Need To Change My Locks? – Lock Change 

You should get a lock change when you are upgrading your home or business security; like if you want to buy fingerprint locks or electronic locks. You also need to consider changing if your lock is old or rusty. Moreover, you also need to change your lock if you want to match other keys with different locks in one key. But you have different keyholes or brands.

If you are not sure about the process, the team is happy to explain everything to you. And even do a no-obligation quote for you, which will help you to understand the cost involved with a lock change. So, if you feel you need some time to think about changing locks; the team is happy for you to take your time to come to the right decision for you; but don’t leave your home vulnerable.

If you are not sure what you want to do yet but need some temporary security; the team can offer that also. They can install temporary security if you need it or have suffered a break-in. Even if it’s the middle of the night and you come home to find your front door kicked in, obviously, you cannot go and buy a door at that hour, so what can be done? The team has a few things that they can do to secure your home, like temporary doors and security wrap to stop anyone getting in and children escaping so your home is safe and secure until you can put other plans into place.

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