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Why Go For Keyless Door Lock Installation:

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  • Ease of Usage

Convenience is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about us. Specifically talking about an item from our catalogs such as keyless entry systems, we believe it’s safer and thus more easily accessible due to not having to look for your keys anymore.

  • Time-saving and cost-effective

Several companies know and have experienced firsthand that the costs of re-keying locks add up over time. With keyless entry locks, adding or revoking access is instant and straightforward. User-friendly features like multilingual voice guidance for programming and state-of-the-art touch screen technology make it easy to manage a high number of individuals without special tools or technical knowledge, including customizing levels and times of access. We understand this might seem overwhelming, but do not worry, as our 24/7 customer support is always there to help you with your need.

  • Improved styles and aesthetic

As technology advances, so does our visual sense of style and aesthetic. Several smart door locks shown in our catalog come as an attractive item made from durable, long-lasting materials that protect against not only unwanted access but weather too. All in all, making your security and safety are a priority.

  • Greater Technological Advancement – greater security

Locks are only as valuable as the level of safety they provide to our houses. This stays true for high-tech electronic locks as much as it does for traditional models. As mentioned above, we excel in both fields of expertise with years of experience. To guarantee that you’re getting the ideal functioning and level of safety as per your needs, it’s always best to talk to us.

These Are The Most Common Amateur Lock Installation Mistakes

  • Orienting the New Lock Incorrectly

One of the most common lock installation mistakes homeowners make is placing the new doorknob or deadbolt improperly and only realizing this after the screws have been installed. Make sure you’re looking at the new lock in the correct orientation.

  • Misaligning the New Lock

Replace a deadbolt door lock correctly when you replace it. Otherwise, you could end up having to purchase an entire new door. Make sure all three holes are aligned correctly before security door locks installation.

  • Drilling Holes in the Wrong Way

If you have to drill the saw hole in the door, start from the inside and look for the drill to begin to show on the other side of the door. When you start to see it, stop drilling and switch sides to continue drilling. This will minimize splintering and potential damage to the door.

  • Measuring from the Bevel

Your door will not close correctly if it’s not measured correctly. Make sure to measure the position of the lock from the side of the door that is not beveled.

  • Locking Yourself Out

If you’ve made it far enough where the lock installation is complete, the next thing you’ll probably do is test the lock. Make sure you have the keys in your hand! Few things are as embarrassing as making the amateur mistake of locking yourself out of your home.

  • Not Following Instructions

If this is the first time you’re installing a door lock or doorknob, it’s a good idea to review the instructions. They’re included for a reason. Please give them a good once-over before throwing caution to the wind.

Easy Lock Installation And Maintenance

Property owners think that smart locks are difficult to install and require specialized maintenance. However, this is not true! Actually, with smart locks, lock installation is easy, even on a standard door.

Therefore, do not hesitate to switch to high-security modern locks because you think installing the lock is tough.

Can You Identify A Duplicated Key?

A key is simple and easy to duplicate, and a professional locksmith can do so perfectly. Due to having the most modernized tools and equipment, you can most often not identify a regular key if replicated.

However, if the key is a restricted key, it cannot be easily duplicated. A restricted key is patented by the initial locksmith who has made it. Only he can duplicate after being approached by someone who has been given the authority to have it replicated, ensuring it is a safer type of key.

Extraordinary Services Offered By Us

Our team has gone through intensive training that has made us one of Massachusetts’s most reliable locksmith services. Your security is our top priority, so Door Lock Boston provides top-notch services that maximize protection.

We are an elite team of experts who know the functions of all kinds of keys and locks and can understand in-depth any issue that you may be facing in these regards. Door Lock Boston is by far the favorite locksmith company in Massachusetts.

Give us a call today, and we’ll be there to help you out through whatever troubles you may be facing.

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