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How does Rekey Door Lock works?

rekey door lock - Door Lock Boston

At Door Lock Boston, we know that the safety of your home is a priority, so whenever you want a door lock replacement, call us. We provide the best service to make and change any lock. We have the best rekey installation service.

Surely you once moved to a new house and were worried about how many keys the previous owner gave away. Or maybe you are tired of the vast key packs that take place in your bag and want a key that opens all your doors.

Both are good reasons to hire a lock rekeying service. At Door Lock Boston, we will show you how easy it is to change your locks. You will be surprised when you see how simple it is. You just have to contact us.

Not Sure Which System To Use When Rekeying Your Door Locks?

If you need a door lock replacement or rekey service, we will give you the best information and advice. We will help you choose a new security system to keep you and your family safe.

There are many different models to choose from, but what they all have in common is that they ensure your safety. We have a great team of highly qualified experts to help you decide which one will suit you best.

We have implemented a brand new system that includes a control panel. This is going to be the center of your security system. It connects all your security equipment, allowing you to set them all together and take your system control to a higher level.

It also provides doors and windows sensors. This device will let you know whenever someone opens a door or window. They have a motion sensor that perceives movement inside the house within a set radius.

Besides, it brings four safety cameras prefect to show you live images of your home and doors. Some even have a two-way communication system so you can dissuade intruders or speak to guests from the commodity of your house.

The system comes with an extra camera that shows everything that’s going on at your doorstep. You will see who comes and goes, and it will send you automatic notifications whenever someone arrives. Ringer chambers are also available.

It also has a crystal creak sensor which means the device perceives broken crystals and has an alarm that goes off whenever there is an intruder. It also has a smoke and a carbon monoxide detector.

Some extra perks:

  • Flood sensors: these devices detect any water leak inside your house to help you prevent floods and floor damage.
  •  Thermostat: these sensors monitor your home to detect high-temperature changes. They can tell when HVAC units are working poorly or even if there are frozen pipes.
  •  Panic Buttons: designed for elderly people who live alone. The panic pension button calls out for emergency services when pressing it.

After all this detailed information, we hope you feel confident enough to rely on our super-effective products. Contact us to set a date and install them right away!

Short Term Contracts – Rekey Door Lock

Some providers who offer you a rekey door lock service for your home ask you to sign long-term contracts that can commit you up to ten years. We offer short-term locksmith rekey door lock service contracts with the plus of helping you if you ever need to move.

Pay Extras For Props? No Way

At Door Lock Boston, we offer full service and certified equipment to get your rekey door lock and key locksmith service. You won’t need to pay for any additional accessories.

We Offer New Technology!

As the market becomes more demanding, our company offers a new rekey door lock system. This allows the customer to re-insert the key in less than a minute. Our lock design uses a particular master key to facilitate fast and easy key changes, a great feature since the smart key change process varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you are someone who needs to have frequent password changes, come to our company to explore current technology options that could simplify your life in a matter of seconds and still strengthen home security.

Is time to make some changes and get the system you really need. Our technicians will take care of everything! We will deliver the best results and simplify your life. When choosing our services, you are putting yourself first. You will never have a problem with your door locks again.

Do not wait any longer and call us right away! We are ready to help you out! Call us right now!

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