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Lock And Security – Great Service

Lock and Security r - Door Lock Boston

Lock and security devices are the two most important elements of safety for both residential and commercial property owners alike. The lock and security devices utilized for residential and commercial properties are considerably different as it relates to their features as well as their functionality. Residential lock and security devices include:

– Security door locks

– Door security bars

– Sliding door and window locks

– Deadbolts

– Security cameras including fake cameras to give the perception of additional monitoring

– Motion sensor lights and indoor devices

– Smart bulbs

– Door and window alarms

– Smart plugs

– Alarm system provided by an external security firm

Devices for commercial properties are done on a broader scale since the property to be secured is usually much larger than a home. These include

– CCTV systems

– Access control systems and devices

– Intruder alarms

Commercial locks

– Perimeter security devices and structures

– Fire detection systems

– Integrated security systems

– Smart locks

– Electronic locks

– Security vulnerability assessment

We at Door Lock Boston are fully equipped to install and maintain all these security devices to secure your homes and businesses. We are the best in Boston, MA and our work speaks volumes! Call us or come in today!

 Your Security, Our Top Priority!

Whether you prefer traditional lock and key locksmith devices or more advanced high tech smart locks to secure your home, we at Door Lock Boston will have our trained technicians secure your property to your specific requirements. Our experts are knowledgeable in installing and manipulating traditional locks such as:

– Deadbolts (single and double cylinder)

– Doorknob locks

– Cam locks

– Mortise locks

If traditional locks do not suit your needs and you opt for smart locks primarily for their convenience and flexibility of monitoring, then we are the only ones to get the job done properly. We are proficient in handling any of the following smart locks

– Keypad and combination smart locks

– Wi-Fi smart locks

– Bluetooth smart locks

– Key fob-styled smart locks

– Fingerprint smart locks

Whatever your preference of lock and security devices are, we’ve got you covered. We are the only locksmith company in Boston, MA that does it all, so why wait give us a call now!

 You Are Safe With Us!

Smart lock and security devices have become increasingly common place over the last decade mostly due to the features which they offer. These smart lock and security devices have many benefits and may be combined with other lock mechanisms to make them safer. Some of the benefits include

  • Keyless entry – eliminate the problem of lost, stolen or damaged keys. With this feature entry to your home or business can be via fingerprints, facial recognition or by using a smart device.
  • Monitoring – these devices can be linked to your smart phones or any other smart device to allow for monitoring as well as being fitted with an alarm for intruder alert.
  • Facilitates a smart home –  from voice commands and connectivity to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, these devices allow for increase security measures like locking and unlocking doors, turning on the lights remotely and turning off appliances.

The possibilities are endless once properly installed and maintained. That is where we at Door Lock Boston comes in, our trusted locksmiths will have any of these smart devices installed and fully operational in a timely manner. Don’t waste time with the others, this is a job for the pros!

Help You Can Depend On!

Do you need help to choose the correct lock and security device that is most suitable for you? Are you unsure which type of lock and security device to use for your internal and external doors? With so many options available it can be more than a little confusing to make the correct choice and the possibility of making mistakes greatly increases if proper guidance is not obtained. We not only give the residents of Boston, MA excellent service but we also provide expert advice for the kind of locks needed. Doors on the inside do not need a high level of security so any of these locks would do:

– Doorknob locks

– Handle sets

– Hand levers

– Barrel bolt

Locks for exterior doors differ in their design as well as the level of security that they provide, these include

– Deadbolt locks

– Chain locks

– Electronic locks

– Door top locks

We install as well as supply these locks for your convenience. Expert advice and high-quality devices all at your fingertips, you need not ask for more!

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